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This Is the NIAS Fellows Group 2021/22

The NIAS fellows year group 2021/22 includes 47 scholars, writers and artists from over twenty disciplines. They come together at NIAS to pursue their project in an interdisciplinary, collaborative slow-science environment.

These fellows will become member of a carefully selected community of independent thinkers, where the space is created to ask new questions beyond disciplinary boundaries.

NIAS Fellows are selected through a competitive external review process on the basis of the quality of the research proposal. The fellows are offered a working space, accommodation,  shared lunch, and the opportunity to present and discuss their work in progress for constructive feedback in weekly seminars. NIAS expects to welcome the majority of fellows in person.

List of Fellows 2021/22

Theme Groups

NIAS Guest of the Director Theme Group “Refuge and Belonging


NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group “Accessible Tool for Language Assessment in Schools


NIAS Theme Group “The Politics of (De)familiarization: The Common and the Strange in Contemporary Europe

About NIAS

 The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study is an intellectual haven for international researchers, writers, journalists and artists to pursue their research or projects, to work in an interdisciplinary environment and to share their knowledge with society. In 2021, it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

It offers a diverse year-group of about 50 NIAS Fellows the opportunity to devote themselves to an independent research project. NIAS is the oldest Institute for Advanced Study in Europe whose founding mission is to foster curiosity-driven research. It is an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and is located in Amsterdam.