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Munniksma, Anke

Munniksma, Anke

Urban Citizen Fellow

Preparing youth to be part of an increasingly diverse society in segregated schools: foundations for evidence-based policy

Research Question

Is classroom socio-ethnic diversity related to citizenship competences of students with different backgrounds in Amsterdam? And, what is the role of citizenship education in this relation?

Project Description

Schools have the task to invest in citizenship education which equips students with the necessary competences to function in an increasingly diverse society. Nonetheless, particularly in urban areas, schools are often segregated. This limits to what extent students meet and can learn from peers with different backgrounds. To get insights in how this affects students’ citizenship competences, this project addresses whether classroom socio-ethnic diversity is related to students’ citizenship outcomes. Furthermore, the role of aspects of citizenship education in this relation will be examined. To this end, a questionnaire study will be conducted among secondary school students in the municipality of Amsterdam. The findings of this project will provide foundations for evidence-based educational policy and practice.


Selected Publications

  • Dijkstra, A. B., Ten Dam, G., & Munniksma, A. (2021). Inequality in citizenship competences. Citizenship education and policy in the Netherlands. In Influences of the IEA Civic and Citizenship Education Studies (pp. 135-146). Springer.
  • Munniksma, A., Dijkstra, A.B., van der Veen, I., Ledoux, G., van der Werfhorst H., & ten Dam, G. (2017). Burgerschap in het voortgezet onderwijs: Nederland in vergelijkend perspectief. Amsterdam University Press.
  • Munniksma, A., Scheepers, P., Stark, T. H., & Tolsma, J. (2017). The impact of adolescents’ classroom and neighborhood ethnic diversity on same‐and cross‐ethnic friendships within classrooms. Journal of Research on Adolescence27(1), 20-33.


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