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  • for Dutch and international scholars with at least 3 years of post-Ph.D. experience
  • 5 months
  • subsidized accommodation (if eligible)
  • stipend or replacement subsidy


Dindy van Maanen, Officer Co-sponsored Fellowships, cosponsors@nias.knaw.nl

Urban Citizen Fellowship

Together with the Municipality of Amsterdam the Urban Citizen Fellowship is set up to stimulate the use of advanced research in political deliberation and public policy making for the city of Amsterdam.

About the Urban Citizen Fellowship

The Urban Citizen Fellowship is established by the Municipality of Amsterdam and NIAS-KNAW to stimulate the use of advanced research in political deliberation and public policy making for the city of Amsterdam. This unique co-sponsored fellowship offers researchers the opportunity to carry out research projects around the concepts of Inclusivity, Democratization, and Representation.

Proposals should offer perspectives on current issues with regards to living in a city and feeling like a citizen, thereby taking into account one or more of the abovementioned concepts.

Based on the research findings, an important aspect of the Urban Citizen Fellowship is to provide insights and, if possible, advice for policy-making for the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Practical information

  • The Urban Citizen Fellowship is granted for a period of 5 months
  • In the coming years, 5 fellowships are offered (April – June 2020, Sept 2020 – Jan 2021, Feb – June 2021, Sept 2021 – Jan 2022, Feb – June 2022)
  • Fellows are provided with an office, research facilities and daily commuting travel expenses or subsidised accommodation in Amsterdam. Fellows can also apply for a stipend or for funds to cover (part of) the costs of replacing their contractual teaching obligation (replacement subsidy).

Formal Requirements

  • Expertise on the topics surrounding Urban Citizenship
  • At least three years of post-Ph.D. degree academic experience
  • The project proposal should be no more than a maximum of fifteen hundred words including footnotes, excluding bibliography and abstract
  • On the date the application is submitted, the applicant must have a valid employment contract (permanent, temporary or zero-hours contract) with a university or research institute, or must be registered for tax purposes as a self-employed, independent researcher (in Dutch ZZP). The same requirement holds for the duration of the planned fellowship period. Applicants with a zero-hours contract are not eligible for a stipend or teaching replacement.
  • The NIAS Fellowship does not constitute an employment relationship: the fellow is and remains an employee of his or her own university or research institute, or self-employed. NIAS is thus not obligated to make social insurance contributions or to contribute to pension or unemployment insurances
  • The applicant may not resubmit a project proposal that was previously rejected by NIAS
  • Applicants can only apply for one type of fellowship per academic year (i.e. either a NIAS Individual Fellowship, a co-sponsored individual fellowship, a NIAS theme-group fellowship, or a co-sponsored theme-group fellowship)
  • An applicant who previously held a NIAS fellowship may only apply for an NIAS Individual Fellowship if there are at least 10 years between the application date of the previous fellowship and the current application date
  • The application must be completed correctly and contain all the requested information and required documentation.

How to apply

To apply for the fellowships starting in September 2021 and February 2022, candidates must submit a fully completed application form through the online application module.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of a) scientific quality and originality of the project proposal; b) relevance to public policy making for the city of Amsterdam; 3) the candidate’s academic achievements.

Application deadline

1 November 2020 (17.00hrs, Dutch time) for the Sept 2021 – Jan 2022 and Feb – June 2022 Fellowship.

16 March 2020 (12 noon, Dutch time) for the Sept 2020 – Jan 2021 and Feb – June 2021 Fellowship.

About the Municipality of Amsterdam

Read more about Amsterdam’s policies here.

Past & present Fellows