What are you looking for?


  • for international scholars with 3-10 years of academic experience (post PhD)
  • in the field of language and culture in the Netherlands and Dutch language and culture in the world


Annette Mullink, Partnership & Selection Officer, via partners@nias.knaw.nl

Meertens-NIAS Fellowship

A ten-months fellowship for international scholars of language and culture in the Netherlands, and Dutch language and culture in the world.

About the Meertens-NIAS Fellowship

The fellowship is set up in 2023 to advance scholarly work in the field of either language or culture in the Netherlands and Dutch language or culture in the world. NIAS and the Meertens Institute firmly believe that strengthening the internationalization of Dutch linguistics and ethnology, contributes to better science.

The Meertens-NIAS Fellowship provides the opportunity for international scholars (both from abroad and residing in the Netherlands) to come to Amsterdam, where they will be able to investigate new ideas, work on a challenging project, and get inspired by the international, interdisciplinary academic community of the KNAW.

Practical Information

The Meertens-NIAS Fellowship is granted for a period of 10 months (Sept 2024 – June 2025).

My time as a Meertens-NIAS Fellow has been transformative.

Ayşenur Korkmaz, Meertens-NIAS Fellow 2023-2024

What we offer

Fellows are given the opportunity to work in an intellectually inspiring environment as member of the interdisciplinary community at NIAS and the Meertens Institute. Fellows may develop an exciting or urgent line of research for ten months, in an environment of advanced research with no teaching obligations. Fellows are provided with an office, research facilities and daily commuting travel expenses or subsidised accommodation in Amsterdam. Fellows receive a stipend of 2.500 euro per month, or in the case of fellows with an affiliation to a Dutch university – a Dutch University Grant of 2.500 euro per month (paid directly to the university). Additionally, fellows receive lunch offered at NIAS on working days; access to writing courses (grant writing and creative writing) offered by the KNAW; and an exceptional library. Fieldwork should be very limited, and should take place in the Netherlands. Each fellow will be paired with a Meertens researcher who will be their ‘contact point’ throughout the fellowship.

There will be no formal labour relationship with either the Meertens Institute or NIAS.

What we expect

We are looking for an engaged scholar who is willing to contribute to the intellectual make-up of the Meertens Institute and NIAS alike. We expect fellows to provide a detailed plan of activities to be carried out during their year as a fellow, including expected output. The fellow is expected to complete one main output item. This may have many forms, including a manuscript, a (major) article, a grant application, an audiovisual product, an exhibition, etc. Next to the main product fellows are expected to give at least one lunch lecture and one seminar.

In addition, we expect fellows to be present at the office, engaging in the institutes’ day-to-day research activities such as lectures and seminars. We also encourage fellows to pro-actively engage with the institute by organizing events.

Who can apply?

The fellowship is open to international scholars (non-Dutch), both from abroad and residing in the Netherlands.

Applicants should have 3-10 years of academic experience since they obtained their PhD-degree

The project proposal should relate to the broad thematic lines of research as explained in the document ‘The Netherlands in the world’, and more specifically should address one of five strategic themes:

  • Intensifying quests for tradition and heritage
  • Dynamics of religion and culture
  • Food, body and wellbeing
  • Affective (language) cultures
  • Shifting relationships between people and nature

The research should include a topic related to the Netherlands, but that does not exclude projects abroad, as long as they pertain to the research programme ‘The Netherlands in the world’.

We especially welcome international scholars from backgrounds that are underrepresented in Dutch academia. Applicants are asked to reflect on why and how this applies to them in their application proposal. For further information refer to the KNAW diversity and inclusion statement.

How to apply?

To apply for the fellowship, candidates must submit a fully completed application form through the online application module.

The selection of the fellow will be conducted by a committee made up of members from Meertens Institute and NIAS. Applications are evaluated on the basis of a) scientific quality and originality of the project proposal; b) contribution to the internationalization of the research at the Meertens Institute; and c) we give preference to applications of scholars from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

Application Deadline

18 March 2024, 12.00 CET (noon).

The applicant will be informed of the outcome by the end of April 2024.

About the Meertens Institute

The Meertens Institute, established in 1926, has been a research institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) since 1952. The institute studies the diversity in language and culture in the Netherlands.

About NIAS

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study is an intellectual haven for international researchers, writers, journalists and artists to pursue their research or projects, to work in an interdisciplinary environment and to share their knowledge with society.

It offers a diverse year-group of about 50 NIAS Fellows the opportunity to devote themselves to an independent research project. NIAS is the oldest Institute for Advanced Study in Europe whose founding mission is to foster curiosity-driven research. It is an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and is located in Amsterdam.

Past & present Fellows