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The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS-KNAW) provides temporary fellowships for talented scholars – renowned and up-and-coming researchers alike. It stimulates curiosity-driven advanced research in a collaborative and constructive environment.

The Idea of Shrinking
The Idea of Shrinking

The Idea of Shrinking

Arne Hendriks, artist-in-residence in the spring of 2016, explored the implications of downsizing the human species to better fit the earth.

“There are BIG things one can do to embrace the idea of shrinking, like finding a short partner, hormone therapy, or gently curbing the excess growth of your children by feeding them growth suppressing foods. And there are SMALL things you can do to embrace the idea of shrinking. Small things like standing next to a very tall person, or object,  visiting an Ames room, or folding and tearing paper in half. The schematic notion of folding something in half, tearing it at the fold, then folding it in half again, and then again until a satisfactory reduction in size has been accomplished embodies notions of scale, of direction, of materiality, and of time. If we consider contemporary man to be an A1, then how far can we go? Although somewhat abstract I believe such exercises can open up a thought process that allows the embrace of unfamiliar concepts, like becoming smaller.”

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