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NIAS and Equal Rights for all Scholars  

NIAS and Equal Rights for all Scholars  

Standing up for academic freedoms for all scholars.

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS-KNAW) is committed to academic freedoms. NIAS seeks to protect and foster the freedom of scholars to design and conduct their own research, and to safely communicate the insights and results gained. The fulfillment of these basic needs of scholars is a precondition for academic and public debate, and thus a cornerstone of democracy.

As a research institute we choose not to issue general political statements, although we obviously condemn all violence against civilians. We are specifically concerned with situations in which academic freedoms are under threat, including those that have followed upon the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th and the Israeli war in Gaza, in particular the scholasticide or total devastation of the academic infrastructure in Gaza.

NIAS aims to grant equal freedoms and rights to all researchers, whatever their nationality or affiliation. In March this year we have therefore extended our Safe Haven Fellowship Program to all scholars at risk, including those affected by the war in Gaza. As for our cooperation with Israeli institutions and scholars NIAS will work by the following rules:

  • NIAS will not invite to any of its activities or venues Israeli State officials, Israel-lobby group members and/or associates;
  • NIAS staff will not professionally travel to Israel;
  • NIAS staff will not take part in events anywhere that are (known to be) organized or sponsored by the State of Israel;
  • NIAS will not accept bilateral funding from the State of Israel or from Israeli universities and research institutes. There are currently no such projects ongoing at NIAS;
  • NIAS will not end its participation in the formal global and European intervision networks in which it takes part, and of which the Israeli Institute for Advanced Study is a member. While remaining part of such networks, NIAS will uphold all above given policy lines;
  • NIAS will not refrain from selecting Israeli scholars for its Fellowship programs, or for any of its advisory bodies;
  • NIAS will expect full compliance of all at the institute with its Code of Conduct, by which discrimination, contempt, disruption of events, intimidation, and lack of academic integrity are not accepted.


This  position is NIAS’ institutional decision. It will be maintained until current affairs merit reconsideration, or until the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences that is NIAS’ holding, or the Dutch State issue overruling policies.