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Ying-Tzu Lin 1

Ying-Tzu Lin

Meertens Fellow

Project title

Post-growth cookbook: re-appropriating Dutch food history towards knowledge co-production for envisioning a post growth diet in a contemporary urban Dutch context

Research question

How can culinary ethnography on Dutch historical recipes offer theoretical and practical knowledge production to shape a post-growth food future?

Project description

Food is essential for human survival, but today’s food system is in trouble due to unsustainable practices and inequalities driven by profit-focused, modernized food industries. Amid theories and small-scale alternative practices, there’s a pressing need to figure out how individuals can adopt practical, sustainable habits in their daily lives.

The Netherlands plays a key role in the global food system. Dutch food consumption, influenced by colonialism and global trade, reflects much more than just local culture. These eating habits also impact social, economic, and environmental changes around the world.

Historical food studies show that it’s possible to enjoy a sustainable diet with flavorful dishes using limited resources. Ying-Tzu plans to use historical cookbooks and recipes in participatory culinary ethnography to help create and share practical knowledge about sustainable diets in an urban Dutch setting.

Selected publications