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de Waal, Tamar 1

de Waal, Tamar

Urban Citizen Fellow

Urban Citizenship in a Global City

Project Description

Citizenship education legislation proliferates across EU Member States including the Netherlands. This project aims to develop a critical interdisciplinary framework for urban citizenship education by European cities. In particular, it reflects on: What identity, values and skills should be fostered by the city of Amsterdam within its urban citizenship education? And how?

Selected Publications

1) De Waal, T. (2021). Integration Requirements for Immigrants in Europe: A Legal-Philosophical Inquiry. Bloomsbury Publishing.

2) De Waal, T. (2020). Conditional belonging: Evaluating integration requirements from a social equality perspective. Journal of Intercultural Studies41(2), 231-247.

3) De Waal, T. (2020). Liberal Democracy and the Judeo-Christian Tradition. Neth. J. Legal. Phil.49, 7.


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