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Christian Iaione 1

Christian Iaione

Urban Citizen Fellow

Project title

Co-Amsterdam: create urban citizenship partnerships for Amsterdam vulnerable neighborhoods

Project description

Global cities like Amsterdam face challenges in terms of economic and social justice, as well as intergenerational justice. Nation-states are limited in addressing these challenges and the need for inclusive approaches to reduce asymmetries in political, economic, and technological power. How can we empower multicultural and intergenerational vulnerable communities and enhance their sense of local economic, political, and digital citizenship?

As part of the Co-Amsterdam institutional platform and research methodology, Christian Iaione aims to investigate whether self-organization and collective action can serve as design principles for a local digital and institutional architecture that facilitates smooth interaction among multicultural communities in vulnerable neighborhoods of Amsterdam. By employing citizen science and a physical-digital platform, he seeks to enable the creation and self-organization of diverse urban pools through public-private-science-social-communities partnerships. These partnerships are designed to share the use, management, and ownership of essential urban infrastructure, such as digital, transport, energy networks, and housing.