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Mehan, Asma

Asma Mehan

Urban Citizen Fellow

Portcityscape as public space: The Agonistic and Affective Agency of Public Space in Amsterdam

Research Question

What are the socio-cultural characteristics and anthropological significance of port cities’ public spaces? And how the intangible cultural and social practices shape the intangible legacies?

Project Description

The public spaces between port and city represent a spatial and cultural expression of migratory flows of people, goods, and ideas. I will explore the nature of this complex interface in its complexity and diversity of citizens, rules, and actors involved, and the coexistence of different kinds of inclusion/exclusion in public space on the one hand and, on the other the port and logistic planning.

As the Urban Citizen Fellow, I like to link the fellowship with the Port Cities Futures (PCF). During the fellowship, I aim to work on the outlines of a book project on these issues. I also look forward to exploring opportunities for developing new approaches to policy and academia.

Selected Publications

– Mehan, A., Sennema, H., and Tideman, S., 2020. “Port City Heritage: Contested Pasts, Inclusive Futures?”, published online in Port City Futures Blog, Leiden. Delft. Erasmus (LDE) Initiative

– Mehan, A., Jansen, M., 2020. “Beirut Blast: A Port City in Crisis”, published online in Port City Futures Blog, Leiden. Delft. Erasmus (LDE) Initiative. Reposted by Leiden Anthropology Blog and Leiden Global.

– Nawratek, K. Mehan, A., 2020. De-Colonising Public Spaces in Malaysia: Dating in Kuala Lumpur, Cultural Geographies 27(2), SAGE Journals ISSN: 14744740 (Q1 in Geography,
Planning and Cultural Studies)

– Mehan, A., Rossi, U., 2019. Multiplying Resistance: the power of the urban in the age of national revanchism, in ‘Philosophy and the City: Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Perspectives’, Edited by Keith Jacobs and Jeff Malpas, Rowman & Littlefield International, London, and New York. pp. 233-245


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