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Bader, Julia

Bader, Julia

Individual Fellow

China’s image management through higher education and academics in Europe

Research Question

What are the extent and effects of China’s presence in science and education in the Netherlands and Europe?

Project Description

Since the 2000s, China has shown eagerness to cooperate with research and education institutions around the globe. In the field of China Studies, the Humanities, the Social Sciences, there are worries that the Chinese government may use foreign academics as a megaphone to portray China in a positive light. At a time when building up expertise on China is more needed than ever and financial resources of higher education are tight, China-funded initiatives are widely decried as a propaganda tool to facilitate broader Chinese interests. During the fellowship, I will develop a grant proposal shedding light on the extent and effects of China’s presence in science and education in Europe.

Selected Publications

Bader, J., & Hackenesch, C. (2021). Networking with Chinese Characteristics: China’s party-to-party relations in Asia. In M. Kneuer, & T. Demmelhuber (Eds.), Authoritarian Gravity Centres: A Cross-Regional Study of Authoritarian Promotion and Diffusion (pp. 225-248). (Conceptualising Comparative Politics: Polities, Peoples, and Markets; Vol. 11). Routledge.

Hackenesch, C., & Bader, J. (2020). The Struggle for Minds and Influence: The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Outreach. International Studies Quarterly, 64(3), 723-733.

Bader, J. (2015). China, autocratic patron? An empirical investigation of China as a factor in autocratic survival. International Studies Quarterly, 59(1), 23-33.


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