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Diabate, Alhousseini

Diabate, Alhousseini

Individual Fellow

The regulation of access to land and food in West Africa: between issues of globalization and local imperatives

Research Question

Which legal measures would be appropriate to ensure fair access to the land, in order to secure the realisation of the goals of food security in an integrated, articulated and coherent system?

Project Description

My project will be structured around three transversal fields. The first will explore the law of globalisation governing economic activities related to land and food in order to identify the conditions needed to create a better balance between the interests of local populations and those of the economic operators involved in international trade. The second will research the legal means of ensuring local populations fair access to the agricultural land in their region. And the third will address ways of achieving sustainable soil management and legal protection for agricultural land, the first condition for the protection of food security for current and future generations.

Selected Publications

–       DIABATE, Alhousseini.2020. Economic Globalization and COVID-19; what lessons for food security in West Africa? In Shigehisa Kuriyama, Ota de Leonardis, Carlos Sonnenschein et Ibrahima Thioub (dir.), Covid-19. Tour du monde, Paris, Manucius, 2020, pp. 64 to 67.


–       DIABATE, Alhousseini.2020. Land law and collective private ownership in French-speaking countries of Western Africa; A study based on the example of Mali. 17/0 Law, Environment and Development Journal (2020), Journal of SOAS, University of London, England. Pp: 3 to 18.


–       DIABATE, Alhousseini.2018. Reflections on the codification of consumer law in Mali: Contribution to the legal condition of consumers. Annales africaines -New series- A review by the faculty of legal and economic sciences at the University of Cheikh Anta DIOP in Dakar, Volume 1, April 2018, N°8, pp: 123 to 162.