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Godioli, Alberto

Godioli, Alberto

Theme-group Member

Who’s the normie? Humor controversies, ambiguity and polarization in contemporary Europe

Research Question

How does ambiguous political humor relate to polarization in contemporary Europe? What are the formal features of this kind of humor, and how is it interpreted across political divides?

Project Description

From Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons to viral memes, contemporary political humor is often characterized by ambiguity. In these forms of humor, the ambiguous use of populist-nativist tropes can be interpreted and evaluated in widely contrasting ways, depending on what constitutes ‘common sense’ in a given interpretive community. My project will run a quali-quantitative analysis of the formal features and reception of ambiguous political humor, with particular regard to European humor controversies. This research is part of the Theme-Group project ‘The Politics of (De)familiarization: The Common and the Strange in Contemporary Europe’.


Selected Publications

Godioli A., (2020) “Cartoon Controversies at the European Court of Human Rights: Towards Forensic Humor Studies”, Open Library of Humanities 6(1): 22, pp. 1-35. doi: https://doi.org/10.16995/olh.571,

Godioli, A., & Pedrazzini, A. (2019). “Falling stars and sinking ships: Framing and metaphor in cartoons about Brexit”, Journal of European Studies 49(3–4), pp. 302–323. doi: https://doi.org/10.1177/0047244119859167,

Godioli, A., Kiss, M. & Schiller, M. (2021). “Ambiguity and meta-framing across media”. In Moenandar, S.-J. and van Heusden, B. (eds) Narrative Values, the Value of Narratives. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2021 (accepted, forthcoming).


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