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Verburgt, Lukas M.

Verburgt, Lukas M.

Individual Fellow

Scientific Ignorance in the Anthropocene: A Historical Approach

Research Question

How does the new geological epoch of the Anthropocene transform our answers to the questions ‘What can we know?’, ‘What should we know?’ and ‘What knowledge should we hope for?’.

Project Description

The Anthropocene marks a new epoch in the historical development of human knowledge. It problematizes long-standing ideas about history, science and modernity and confronts us with the challenge of dealing with the boundaries and limits of scientific knowledge. What is needed is a new way of thinking able to bring together the sciences and the humanities in creating the expertise needed to take up this challenge.

Selected Publications

Verburgt, Lukas M. 2020. ‘The History of Knowledge and the Future History of Ignorance’. KNOW: A Journal on the Formation of Knowledge 4 (1): 1-24.

Verburgt, Lukas M. 2021. ‘History, Scientific Ignorance, and the Anthropocene’. Journal for the History of Knowledge, forthcoming.

Verburgt, Lukas M. & Burke, Peter. 2021. ‘Introduction: Histories of Ignorance’. Journal for the History of Knowledge, forthcoming.


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