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Journalist-in-Residence Fellowships for Saar Slegers and Lynn Berger

Berger, Lynn


Taking care: On care and carefulness

Research Question

What does it mean to care for someone or something, and what do we need in order to take good care?

Project Description

We all need care. Without it, children wouldn’t make it to adulthood, patients wouldn’t recover, and communities wouldn’t grow or thrive. And “care” doesn’t just extend to people, either: if we fail to take care of our possessions, our buildings, and our infrastructure, then our landfills will overflow and our cities will crumble. If we don’t care for the environment, species will go extinct and we will lose vital resources that nourish our bodies and our minds. And if we fail to take care of our planet, future generations will face serious threats to their survival.

In other words: we can’t live without care. At the same time, care rarely gets the time, space and appreciation it needs, resulting in underpaid and overworked healthcare workers, struggling parents, overburdened informal careworkers and a heating planet, among others. So what can we do to make care more visible and more doable?

For this project I’ll interview carers of various stripes as well as academics studying the many aspects of care. In doing so, I hope to find out where and how care manifests itself in our lives, what it does to us and for us, and what’s needed to do it right.

Selected Publications

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