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Co-Sponsored Fellowships

For scholars working in specific disciplines or research areas, NIAS cooperates with co-sponsoring partners to offer fellowships that reach specific disciplines or encourage and support a particular research goal.

Each co-sponsored fellowship has its own specific guidelines; some fellowships are awarded through an application process, but others are by nomination or invitation only.


  1. The Scholars-at-Risk Fellowship (SaR)

  2. NIAS-Lorentz Theme-Group Fellowships

  3. Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship

  4. L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship (FWiS)

  5. Instituut Gak Fellowship

  6. Writer-in-Residence Fellowship

  7. Artist-in-Residence Fellowship

  8. Journalist-in-Residence Fellowship

  9. Golestan Fellowship

  10. KB Fellowship

  11. Willem F. Duisenberg Fellowship

  12. Van Doorn Fellowship

  13. EURIAS Fellowships

  14. RKD Fellowship for Art History

  15. Descartes Theme-Group Fellowships

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