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The NIAS Library and reading room are situated in a stylish loft on the 3rd floor of the St Jorishof Building. Fellows come here to pick up the books and publications they ordered, to read quietly or to browse the NIAS Library collection. The NIAS Library works closely together with the neighbouring Bushuis Library (KNAW).

Opening Hours and Contact

The NIAS library is freely accessible for fellows and KNAW staff members during the opening hours of the building. Staff will be present on Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.30. The NIAS Library staff can be contacted via: library@nias.knaw.nl.

For further assistance or questions you can visit the KNAW HuC library office (Spinhuis 0.13) or the Bushuis library (Tuesday-Thursday 9.00-16.30).

The NIAS library does not lend books to persons outside the Institute. However, anyone who is interested is welcome to visit the reading room. Please contact Erwin Nolet (Library Coordinator, 020-2246708) to make a viewing appointment.

The NIAS and Bushuis Library Collections

The NIAS library collection mainly covers the humanities and social sciences and is made up of publications by NIAS fellows, written as part of their project. There is a small reference section and the collection also includes books submitted by fellows as part of their fellowship application as well as books of interest donated to the library by former fellows.
NIAS fellows can also make use of the Bushuis library, situated on the third floor of the nearby Bushuis, which covers the research areas of linguistics, ethnology, history, folk music and folk tales, and history of science.

NIAS fellows can borrow books from both the NIAS library and the Bushuis library. Together they offer approximately 100,000 books and journals.

NIAS Library Services

The NIAS library also provides a lending request service for fellows. Book and article requests can be prepared via the NIAS Library Request System, available on any desktop computer on the premises. The staff will process the requests, which are usually delivered within several days. Fellows can pick up their requested items from the library.



Within the NIAS building fellows have access to millions of scientific works:

Library Catalogue

Aa, A.J. van der (Ed.). (1976). Aardrijkskundig woordenboek der Nederlanden, / bijeengebragt door A.J. van der Aa ; onder medew. van eenige vaderlandsche geleerden (Vol. Eerste deel: A. – 1839. – XXXII, 420 p. Tweede deel: B. – 1840. – VIII, 865 p. Derde deel: C en D. – 1841. – VI, 608 p. Vierde deel: E-G. – 1843. – IV, 1036 p. Vijfde deel: H. – 1844. – 994 p. Zesde deel: I-K. – 1845. – 714 p. Zevende deel: L-M. – 1846. – 1150 p. Achtste deel: N-O. – 1846. – 796 p. Negende deel: P-R. – 1847. – 800 p. Tiende deel: S. – 1847. – 858 p. Elfde deel: T-V. – 1848. – 963 p. Twaalfde deel: W-IJ. – 1849. – 677 p. Dertiende en laatste deel: Z en aanhangsel. ). Gorinchem: Jacobus Noorduyn.[Hist/Library shelf (78 102 – …)]


Aalders, G.J.D. (1982). Plutarch’s Political Thought. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing.[Pol Sc/ Library shelf (89 230)]


Aarts, C.W.A.M. (2005). Dwarse kiezers: rede uitgesproken bij de aanvaarding van het ambt van hoogleraar. Enschede: Universiteit Twente.[Pol Sc/ Library shelf (06 010)]


Aarts, Kees & Henk van der Kolk. (2005). Nederland en Europa : het referendum over de Europese grondwet. Amsterdam: Bert Bakker.[PolSc/Library shelf (05 986)]


Abad, Héctor. (2006). Oblivion ;  a memoir. New York: Farraf, Straus and Giroux.[Lit. /LIbrary shelf (16 003)]


Abad, Héctor. (2010). Het vergeten dat ons wacht. Breda: De Geus.[Lit. / Library shelf (16 004) (2e exemplaar 16 005)]


Abaza, Mona. (2006). Changing consumer cultures of modern Egypt: Cairo’s urban reshaping. Leiden/Boston: Brill.[Soc/Library shelf (07 008)]


Abazović, Dino; Velikonja, Mitja (Ed.). (2014). Post-Yugoslavia : new cultural and political perspectives. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.[SoSc. / Library shelf (16 015)]


Abdullah, Irwan. (1997). Sangkan Paran Gender. Yogyakarta.[SoSc./Library shelf (02 96)]


Abdullah, Irwan. (2001). Seks, Gender & Reproduksi Kekuasaan. Yogyakarta: Tarawang Press.[SoSc/library shelf (02 97)]


Abdullah, Taufik. (1971). Schools and politics, The Kaum Muda Movement in West Sumatra. Ithaca: Cornell University.[Pol Sc/ Library shelf (80 59)]



Abiola, Ojo. (1987). Constitutional law and military rule in Nigeria. Ibadan (Nigeria):Evans Brothers.[Law/Library shelf (12 034)]


Abma, R [et al.] (Ed.). (2008). Biografisch woordenboek van Nederland. ‘s-Gravenhage: Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis.[A/Library shelf (09 071)]


Abraham, Werner. (1975). A linguistic Approach to Metaphor. Lisse: The Peter de Ridder Press.[Ling./ Library Shelf (82 67)]


Abraham, Werner (Ed.). (1977). Kasustheorie. Frankfurt: Athenaion.[Ling./ Library Shelf (81 303)]


Abraham, Werner (Ed.). (1978). Valence, semantic case and grammatical relations. Amsterdam: John Benjamins [Ling./ Library Shelf (82 149)]


Abraham, Werner. (1980). Studien zur modernen deutschen Lexikographie : Ruth Klappenbach (1911-1977), Auswahl aus den lexikographischen Arbeiten. Amsterdam: John Benjamins BV.[Ling./ library shelf (82 150)]


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Abusch, Tzvi;Toorn, Karel van der. (1999). Mesopotamian magic : textual, historical, and interpretative perspectivespp. XVII,299). Groningen: Styx.[Rel./Library shelf (00 187)]


Ackoff, Russell L. & Fred E. Emery. (1972). On Purposeful Systems. Seaside: Intersystems.[Syst Res / Library shelf (82 108)]


Adams, Christine;Adams, Tracy. (2015). Female beauty systems : beauty as social capital in Western Europe and the United States, Middle Ages to present. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.[Soc. / Library shelf (16 008)]


Adams, Tracy (Ed.). (2012). Devotion and emotions in the Middle Ages (Vol. 1. 2).[Hist. / Library shelf (14 028)]


Adams, Tracy. (2013). Valentina Visconti, Charles VI, and the politics of witchcraft. Parergon, 30, 2, 11-32.[Hist./ E-Library (2013)]

Adams, Tracy. (2014). Christine de Pizan and the fight for France. University Park, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press.[Hist. / Library shelf (15 018)]


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Adang, Camilla. (1996). Muslim writers on Judaism and the Hebrew Bible; from Ibn Rabban to Ibn Hazm. Leiden [etc.]: Brill.[Rel/Library shelf  (10 038)]


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Aeschylus. (1971). II: Agamemnon, Libation-Bearers, Eumenides, Fragments. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.[A/ Library shelf (78 563)]


Aeschylus. (1973). I: Suppliant maidens, Persians, Prometheus, Seven against Thebes. Cambridge Harvard University Press.[A/ Library shelf (78 562)]


Ahlfeld- Heymann, Marianne. (1994). Und trotzdem überlebt; ein Jüdisches Schicksal aus Köln durch Frankreich nach Israel 1905- 1955; mit Erinnerungen an Paul Klee. Konstanz: Hartung- Gorre Verlag.[Hist./ Library shelf (94 43)]


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Aken, Jan van. (2004). De valse dageraad: het leven van Hroswithus Wikalensis, wereldreiziger en geleerde. Amsterdam: Prometheus.[Lit./Library shelf (07 100)]


Aken, Jan van. (2005). Het fluwelen labyrint. Amsterdam: Prometheus.[Lit./Library shelf (07 064)]


Aken, Jan van. (2008). Koning voor een dag. Amsterdam [etc.]: Querido.[Lit./Library shelf (08 025)]


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Akiyama, Takno. (1968). Japanese dictionary. Tokyo: Iwanami.[A./ Library shelf (96 143)]


Akiyama, Takuo. (1996). Nemken sikin unyou to emerging market tousi [pension funds management and emerging markets investments]. Tokyo: T.C.B. Research Institute.[Econ. / Library shelf (96 131)]


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