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Confluence of Minds
Water texture

Confluence of Minds

In the confluence of minds
The waters of thought
Run clear, deep, and free


A farewell haiku by Rosalind Brown-Grant (Fellow 2018/19)

NIAS Fellows Association

The NIAS Fellows Association, NFA, is the fellow and alumni organisation of NIAS. Its aim is to promote the optimum functioning of NIAS for the benefit of past, present, and future Fellows at NIAS and to promote the bonds between all those who have been associated with NIAS.

NIAS Fellows Association

The Association was founded in 1977. It organises the annual NFA Day to which all members are invited. The highlight of the NFA Day is the Uhlenbeck Lecture named after the founder of NIAS, Professor E.M. Uhlenbeck (1913-2003). It is delivered by one of the former NIAS Fellows.

The NFA also set up the NIAS Alumni Stay in 2018. These alumni stays allow for NFA members to return to the institute for a 2- or 3-week period in summer.

Currently, the NFA is exploring alumni chapter meetings in different countries.


The NFA currently has 1250 members. Membership is open only to (former) NIAS Fellows and Staff. The life-time membership fee is currently €100 for Fellows from universities in the Netherlands, and €75 for Fellows from universities abroad.

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The NFA Board


  • Ana Maria Gomez Lopez, Member until January 2023
  • Kate Brown, Affiliate Member 2022/23
  • Marjoleine Kars, Affiliate Member 2022/23

General Meetings

NFA General Meeting 2024

On Friday 7 June at 15.00 h (CET)  the NFA-members voted to amend the articles of the association of the Association. This amendment of the articles of the association is an important step in professionalising and future-proofing the association.

Please find the following documents online:
Exhibit 1: PROXY
NFA workplan 2024 – 2028

Comparison documents:
In Dutch: Akte vaststelling statuten vereninging NFA
In English: Deed establishment of the articles of association NFA

Concept deed:

In Dutch: Akte vaststelling statuten NFA
In English: Deed establishment of the articles NFA

Minutes of the two General Meetings in 2023
8 June 2023 (Word)
14 December 2023 (Word)


Uhlenbeck Lecture 2024

After the  general meeting the Uhlenbeck Lecture was held by Alec Badenoch (VU), entitled Listening with the digital archive: voices and silence, music and noise.


NFA General Meeting 2023 

8 June 2023 with the Uhlenbeck Lecture by Naomi Ellemers.

Minutes NFA general meeting June 8 2023


NFA General Meeting 2022 

The NFA Day on 10 June 2022 included the 37th Uhlenbeck Lecture by Hans Radder.

Minutes of NFA General Meeting June 2022


NFA General Meeting 2021

This took place online on 10 December 2021 (here you also find the financial report of 2020).

Minutes of NFA General Meeting 2021


NFA General Meeting 2020

Postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

NFA – Financial Report 2019


NFA General Meeting 2019 

NFA Day 2019 included the 36th Uhlenbeck Lecture by Peter Burke (Em. Professor of Cultural History, University of Cambridge and NIAS Fellow in 2005).


  • Opening
  • Minutes of the last General Meeting in 2018
  • Report on the Golestan Foundation
  • This year at NIAS. Report by Fenneke Wekker (Head of Academic Affairs).
  • Election of the NFA Board
  • Financial Report. Report of the Auditing Committee
  • Appointment of a New Auditing Committee
  • Change of NFA statutes and bylaws: voting
  • Other business
  • Closing
  • Minutes of the NFA General Meeting 2019
  • Financial Report of the NFA 2018


NFA General Meeting 2018

On 18 June 2018, the NFA held its first NFA Day after a hiatus of a year. Nadine Akkerman, Reader in Early Modern English Literature at Leiden University, and Fellow in 2015/16, delivered the 35th Uhlenbeck Lecture, titled “Introducing Invisible Agents: Women and Espionage in Seventeenth-Century Britain.