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  • By nomination or application
  • For scholars from medical or biological sciences
  • Lunches, office, research facilities, subsidized accommodation (if eligible)
  • Stipend or replacement subsidy


Annette Mullink, Selection officer Partnered fellowships, partners@nias.knaw.nl

Golestan Fellowship

The Golestan Fellowship is aimed at researchers from the medical or biological sciences. The Golestan Fellowship call for the academic year 2025-26 will be open from 15 January to 18 March 12:00 (noon) CET 2024.

About the Golestan Fellowship

The fellowship is funded by a legacy from the late Prof. Dr. Med. Kenower Weimar Bash, a Swiss psychiatrist, who was a NIAS Fellow during the academic year 1973/74. Golestan Fellows are engaged in research in the medical or biological sciences and should already have made a significant contribution to their field of research. They should have a specialisation that makes it profitable to be in daily contact with scholars who carry out advanced research in the humanities and social sciences.

Practical Information

  • The Golestan Foundation strives to offer either one 5-month fellowship per year or a 10-month fellowship every other year.
  • The fellowship is for preferably non-Dutch scholars carrying out research in the medical or biological sciences.
  • Fellows from abroad may apply for a stipend to make up for the loss of income up to a maximum of €3,800 per month.
  • Fellows from a Dutch university may apply for financial compensation to cover (part of) the costs to replace their teaching obligations (€2,500 per month).
  • The Golestan Fellowship includes an office space, research facilities and communal lunches. For more information, please read the fellowship’s practical details.
  • NIAS offers accommodation on top locations against subsidised rates to fellows from abroad. Accommodation is located in Amsterdam.
  • If a Fellow is from the Netherlands and lives less than ninety (90) minutes away from the NIAS-KNAW building (one-way, calculated from the train station in his/her home town to Amsterdam Central station), he/she shall receive reimbursement of travel expenses.

Application and Selection

  • Golestan Fellowships are available by direct application and by nomination.
  • The NIAS directorate can nominate suitable researchers from the regular NIAS fellowship application process, for a Golestan Fellowship.
  • The Board of the Golestan Foundation selects the Golestan Fellows in consultation with the Director of NIAS.
  • The candidates for a Golestan Fellowship will be informed of the outcome of the selection procedure in early May 2024.

Past & present Fellows