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Golestan Foundation

Golestan Foundation

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The Golestan Foundation was set up to encourage researchers in the medical sciences and psychiatry to come to NIAS.

Professor Kenower Weimar Bash was a Swiss psychiatrist who worked extensively in Iran and a fellow at NIAS in 1973/74. On his death in 1986, Professor Bash left his estate to the NIAS Fellows’ Association (NFA), and the Golestan Foundation was set up to administer his estate. He wished to fund a fellowship and install a Persian Garden in the grounds at NIAS in memory of his wife. Golestan is the Persian word for rose garden.

NIAS-Golestan Foundation partnership

Prof. Med. Kenower Weimar Bash found his fellowship at NIAS in 1973/74 so fruitful that he wanted other researchers from abroad to benefit as he had. He left money in his will to encourage researchers from abroad to come to NIAS as fellows. The Golestan foundation was set up in 1991. It is managed by NIAS and overseen by the NIAS Fellows’ Association (NFA).