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Co-sponsors, Partners

Institut français and NIAS partnered up for "The Nouveau Grand Tour", a research-oriented programme designed for professionalisation of emerging Europeans artists.

With the Nouveau Grand Tour they are supporting young artists in building long lasting professional ties outside of their immediate surroundings. Therefore, the programme gives time and space to selected residents to research, reflect and connect with fellow artists and local institutions.

A program in the making
The Nouveau Grand Tour was designed by the Institut français Italie. In 2022, the first edition welcomed fifty young artists from France, Germany and Ukraine in twenty-five Italian partnered residencies. For the second edition, in 2023, twenty-five French residencies joined the network, and welcomed fifty artists from Italy.

NIAS joins
Welcoming around twenty artists from France, ten Dutch residences including NIAS join the Nouveau Grand Tour network for the third edition in 2024, giving the programme a wide European dimension.

About Institut Français

The Institut français promotes the internationalisation of French creators and French cultural and creative industries. It supports stakeholders with a commitment to the French language and multilingualism abroad, including teachers, intellectuals, artists, institutions, business leaders, start-up creators and representatives of civil society.

The Institut supports the international mobility of talents and encourages cultural encounters between France and other countries. This mission is made possible through the dialogue it establishes with creators, stakeholders in cultural life and civil societies around the world. The co-construction of projects and partnerships is encouraged at every level, and promotes intercultural exchanges.