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Writing in Perspective

NIAS Reviewers


NIAS academic year groups are selected in part on the basis of external reviews by scholars across disciplines and regions. Their thoughtful review work is essential in bringing about our group of scholars and for safeguarding an open, fair and careful selection procedure. Without the contribution of these reviewers, NIAS could not be the place for independent thinking and blue-sky research that it is.


  • Prof. Dr. Carola Dietze (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
  • Prof. Dr. Sally Wyatt (Maastricht University)
  • Dr. Matthew Waites (University of Glasgow)
  • Prof. Karín Lesnik-Oberstein (Graduate Centre for International Research in Childhood: Literature, Culture, Media (CIRCL))
  • Dr. Peter Cheyne (Shimane University)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Cole (Western Illinois University)
  • Dr. Thijs Brocades Zaalberg (Leiden University)
  • Prof. Renée C. Hoogland (Wayne State University)
  • Dr. Sébastien Chauvin (University of Lausanne)
  • Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi (Utrecht University)
  • Dr. Sulagna Maitra (University College Dublin)
  • Dr. Rimple Mehta (University of Oxford)
  • Dr. Lekha Mukhopadhyay (Fulbright)
  • Dr. Hassan Belhiah (Mohammed V University Rabat)
  • Dr. Efobi Uchenna (Covenant University)
  • Dr. Paulo Borges de Brito (Colorado State University)
  • Dr. Kyle Stevens (Appalachian State University)
  • Isabel Maria Casimiro (Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo)
  • Prof. Jeroen Dewulf (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Dr. Teemu Taira (University of Helsinki)
  • Dr. Marcin Lewiński (Nova Institute of Philosophy, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Prof. dr. Lieve Van Hoof (UGent)
  • Prof. Jo Pierson (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • Dr Thomas Gregory (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Dr. Umberto Tulli (University of Trento)
  • Prof. Andrew Barker (The University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr. Veerle Vanden Daelen (Kazerne Dossin, Mechelen)
  • Asonzeh Ukah (University of Cape Town)
  • Nico J.G. Kaptein (Leiden University)
  • Dr. Vivian Sobchack (Professor Em. UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television)
  • Dr. Muriel Moser-Gerber (Die Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)
  • Prof. Dr. Mohammad M. Mojahedi
  • Dr. Onder Bakircioglu (University of Leicester)
  • Prof. Nouri Gana
  • Dr. Sruti Bala (University of Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Anjana Singh (University of Groningen)
  • Prof. Dr. Hilde Van Gelder (KU Leuven)
  • Prof. David James (University of Birmingham)
  • Prof. Francesco Palermo (Institute for Comparative Federalism, Eurac Research)
  • Prof. Maria Tamboukou (University of East London)
  • Dr. Sara Greco (Università della Svizzera Italiana)
  • Dr. Richa Minocha (Symbiosis International University, Pune, India)
  • Dr. Arjan Zuiderhoek (Ghent University)
  • Prof. Wahab Egbewole (SAN University of Llorin)
  • Prof. William Bain (National University of Singapore)
  • Prof. Yasir Suleiman (University of Cambridge)


and many more reviewers who prefer to remain anonymous.