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Kağitçibaşi, Çiğdem

Kağitçibaşi, Çiğdem

Çigdem Kağitçibaşi, born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1940. Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Professor of Psychology at Koç University, Istanbul († 2017)

Fellow (1 September 2005 – 31 January 2006)


My main project at NIAS during the five month period (September, 2005 – January, 2006) was a major revision, updating and rewriting of my book, Human Development, Family and Self Across Cultures. I wrote the original while I was a NIAS fellow in the 1993-94 academic year. In the decade since the publication of the volume, the field of cross-cultural psychology has enjoyed remarkable growth in theory and research, which I have included in the revised volume. My own thinking and research have also evolved considerably in the same period, rendering this a completely new book. My work has focused on the development of the self and of competence in cultural context, as summarized earlier in my NIAS Uhlenbeck Lecture of 2001. Both the theoretical aspects of these basic human development processes and their applied implications have been further incorporated in my book. The volume reflects scientifically sound and socially relevant thinking and research in the field.

The prospective book promises to find wide scale acceptance in international psychology which is progressing toward becoming a truly international discipline and is thus developing an enhanced sensitivity to culture. As was the case with the original volume, the new volume is expected to be used by researchers and advanced students of cultural and cross-cultural psychology globally. It promises to contribute in a significant way to culture sensitive theory and applications on human development, self and family, toward enhancing human well-being.