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Caprara, G.V.

Caprara, G.V.

Gian Vittorio Caprara, born in Erba, Italy, in 1944. Ph.D. from the Catholic University of Milan. Professor of Personality Psychology at the Sapienza Università di Roma.

Golestan Fellow (1 September 1996 – 30 June 1997)

During my stay at NIAS I completed most of my planned work. For the volume Personality Psychology: An Advanced Text , I wrote two chapters, in total 350 pages and discussed with my co-authors, Professor Sarah E. Hampson of the University of Surrey and Dr. Daniel Cervone of the University of Illinois the preparation of other chapters.

Three different papers were submitted for publication to the journals: “Political Psychology; Journal of Personality and Journal of Economical Psychology”. Two more papers are in preparation.

Furthermore I did some research on FFM and on pro-social behaviour. I analysed data on pro-social behaviour from a collaborative research with Professors A. Bandura and P. Zimbardo from Stanford University.