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  • Open to all researchers at a Dutch or Flemish University and/or research institute but preference is given to junior researchers to stimulate early career scholars.
  • 5 months
  • office, research facilities
  • subsidized accommodation (if necessary)
  • replacement teaching fund


Dindy van Maanen, Co-sponsored Fellowship Officer- dindy.van.maanen@nias.knaw.nl

Instituut Gak Fellowship

The Instituut Gak Fellowship offers researchers the opportunity to work on topics in the fields of social security and labour market policy.

About the Instituut Gak Fellowship

During the Instituut Gak Fellowship researchers can focus without interruption on their research and the in-depth exploration of their topic in the fields of social security or labour market policy. The fellow can concentrate on producing new scientific knowledge (preferably leading to publications) or work on solutions to practical issues. The inspiring international environment at NIAS-KNAW offers researchers an opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary community of scholars.

Who can apply

The Instituut Gak Fellowship is open to all researchers but preference is given to junior researchers with 3-10 years postdoctoral experience (junior) who are currently on a temporary or permanent contract at a Dutch or Flemish University and/or research institute.

Practical information

  • The Instituut Gak offers two 5-month fellowships, one starting in September 2020 and one starting in February 2021.
  • Fellows are provided with a study in the main building with office and research facilities and, if deemed necessary, subsidized accommodation. Fellows can also apply for funds to cover (part of) the costs of replacing their contractual obligation for teaching hours – the so-called replacement teaching fund. For more information see the Regulations Instituut Gak Fellowship (in Dutch, sidebar on the right).

How to apply

To apply candidates must submit a fully completed Instituut Gak Fellowship application form online.

Selection procedure

  • NIAS-KNAW is responsible for processing all fellowship applications. The Academic Board at Instituut Gak selects suitable candidates to present to the NIAS Director who makes the final decision.
  • Applications are evaluated on the basis of a) scientific quality and originality of the project proposal; b) significance for the system of social security and labour market policy in the Netherlands; 3) the candidate’s academic achievements.
  • Candidates will be informed of the outcome within six weeks after the deadline.


About Instituut Gak

Instituut Gak is a foundation that aims to improve the quality of social security and labour-market policy in the Netherlands by funding projects and scientific research. The Instituut Gak supports numerous research projects and has established sixteen endowed chairs at universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

Past & present Fellows