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De Keere, Kobe

De Keere, Kobe

Instituut Gak Fellowship

Gatekeeping in the Labour Market: A comparative analysis of inclusion and fairness in occupational selection procedures

Research Question

How do large corporate firms understand and deal with public and moral responsibility when hiring new employees?

Project Description

One of the most defining moments in our economic lives is when we get hired. Hence, we want job recruitment procedures to be fair and transparent. Yet, selecting new employees is not an easy task for managers and employers and involves more than merely checking credentials, comparing skills and measuring years of experience. Instead, hiring is an uncertain situation whereby issues such as accountability, diversity, public image and morality play also a role. By analyzing codes of conduct, comparing hiring policies and doing interviews with recruiters, hiring managers and diversity officers of large corporations, this study hopes to get a better understanding of the cultural logics and mechanisms that inform the thinking of occupational gatekeepers.

Selected Publications

1) De Keere, K. (2019). Finding the moral space: Rethinking morality, social class and worldviews. Poeticshttps://doi.org/10.1016/j.poetic.2019.101415

2) Boyle, B., & De Keere, K. (2019). Aesthetic labour, class and taste: Mobility aspirations of middle-class women working in luxury-retail. The Sociological Review67(3), 706-722.

3) De Keere, K. (2014). From the self-made to the already made man: A historical content analysis of professional advice literature. Acta Sociologica57(4), 311-324.


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