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51 Fellows selected for slow science journey for academic year 2023/24

51 Fellows selected for slow science journey for academic year 2023/24

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) is pleased to announce the allocation of 51 fellowship grants in the humanities and social sciences for the upcoming academic year 2023/24.

Embracing the ethos of slow science, these grants offer an opportunity for researchers, writers, journalists, and artists to dedicate five or ten uninterrupted months to their individual research endeavors within the institute’s international and interdisciplinary setting. This fellowship cohort will be enriched by four Safe Haven fellows who are not able to do their work in their current location because of the war in Ukraine. Their inclusion further amplifies the diversity of perspectives within the group.

The selection process for the fellows involved an extensive external review, emphasizing not only individual quality but also the paramount importance of fostering a diverse range of viewpoints. For example, professor of humanities Costică Brădăţan conducts research on the philosophical significance of dissent for the health of a community’s civic, intellectual, and cultural life. Or Research professor Translation and Language Sciences Josep Quer who aims to address important gaps in our knowledge of language development in hearing-impaired individuals. And sociocultural anthropologist Luisa Schneider explores the impact of houselessness on privacy and intimacy.

List of Fellows 2023/24


NIAS Guest of the Director Theme Group | Future of Progressive Politics


NIAS Theme Group | Re-imagining Security Labour


NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group | The Spatial Segregation of Neighborhood Organizations and Entrepreneurs


“Through these initiatives, NIAS fosters an atmosphere of intellectual exchange and knowledge-sharing, facilitating fruitful collaborations and advancing scholarly discourse in the humanities and social sciences.”

NIAS Director Jan Willem Duyvendak

NIAS is delighted to announce that for the 2023/24 cohort, it anticipates welcoming the majority of fellows in person at its institute located in the heart of Amsterdam. The fellows are provided with a dedicated workspace, accommodation and daily shared lunches. Additionally, the fellows present and discuss their ongoing work during weekly seminars.

Public programs and seminars

NIAS curates a diverse array of events that encompass public programs, seminars hosted by fellows, and scientific gatherings. Additionally, the institute actively supports and enables small-scale international academic or policy-related workshops organized by its fellows or members of academic institutions in the Netherlands. 

Fellowship collaborations

Alongside individual fellowships, NIAS offers additional fellowships in collaboration with Instituut Gak, Lorentz Center, L’Oréal-UNESCO, Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten, Gemeente Amsterdam, Meertens Instituut, Akademie van Kunsten, and the Netherlands Foundation for Literature.