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Elena Rabkina

Elena Rabkina

Safe Haven Fellow

Project title

Tracing Home: An Interactive Exploration of Migrant Sentimentality

Project description

How can we use objects and stories to trace the emotional and sentimental attachments that migrants have to their homes, both as a physical place and as a cultural and social construct? Tracing Home is an interdisciplinary project that seeks to explore the emotional and sentimental dimensions of the migratory experience, particularly in relation to the concept of “home.”

Elena Rabkina aims to combine academic, journalistic, and artistic approaches to create an interactive installation that incorporates Playtronica elements to tell the stories and results of the research. This installation will provide a sensory and immersive experience, inviting visitors to touch and interact with objects that are meaningful to migrants and to listen to their stories. Additionally, the project will result in an article that provides deeper information on the research findings and insights into the emotional and human dimensions of migration and the website that serves as a digital archive of the research and as well incorporates the interactive and responsive elements in order to reach a wider audience.

Selected publications

Elena Rabkina is a Belarusian refugee artist and activist who combines her artistic, journalistic, and psychological background to create interactive pieces in the field of social illustration and public art. Explore her selected works at https://rabkina.org