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Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng 1

Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng

Nias Individual Fellow

Project title

Language and healthcare provision in health centers in multilingual northern Cameroon

Project description

Official language illiterate patients and healthcare providers in multilingual Far-North Cameroon face language-related issues. So, drawing from data got from healthcare centers in this region, this project aims at making some proposals on the development of a language policy in the Cameroonian health sector, especially in the areas where populations show complete lack of communicative skills / competence in the official languages.

In order to carry out this project, Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng will investigate on the various languages used in healthcare centers in the region, the factors that influence language choice. Also, linguistic and non-linguistic barriers to healthcare provision for official language illiterate patients, the strategies used by healthcare providers and officials to overcome these barriers as well as the assessment of the degree of satisfaction with these strategies by healthcare providers will be studied.

Selected publications

Meutem Kamtchueng, L.M., C. Arundie Tabe and D. Nkemleke (2019) (Eds) Language, Media and technologies: Usages, forms and functions. Muenchen: Lincom GmBH.

Meutem Kamtchueng L. M., F, Baimada Gigla and A. Hounda (2021) (Eds) Linguistico-cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence in Africa. Muenchen: Lincom Europa.

Meutem Kamtchueng L. M., F., A. Komguem Kamsu et F. Guebou Tadjuidje (2023) (Eds) La pandémie de la Covid 19 : Discours, représentation et impact socioculturels. Muenchen: Lincom Europa (in press).