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Eveline Crone 1

Eveline Crone

Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellow

Project title

Understanding Curiosity

Project description

Curiosity is an essential aspect of human cognition. It serves as a motivator for various behaviors in adult life, such as reading, learning, and exploration. A lack of curiosity can lead to ignorance, social exclusion, and polarization. Despite centuries of psychological interest, there is little consensus on a unified theory of curiosity and it remains poorly understood.

Eveline Crone aims to investigate the emergence of curiosity during adolescence, a critical period for stimulating curiosity. She seeks to answer key questions such as the factors facilitating its development, and its impact on biological, individual, social, and societal domains. The overarching goal of the project is to propose a new theory on emerging curiosity.

Selected publications

Crone, E.A. & Achterberg, M. (2022) Prosocial development in adolescence. Current Opinion in Psychology, 44, 220-225.

Crone, E.A., & Fuligni, A.J. (2020). Self and Others in Adolescence. Annual Review in Psychology, 71: 447-469.

Crone, E.A., Green, K.H., Van de Groep, I. & Van der Cruijsen, R. (2022). A Neurocognitive Model of Self-Concept Development in Adolescence. Annual Review of Developmental Psychology, 4.