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Erella Grassiani

Erella Grassiani

NIAS Theme Group Fellow

Project title

Security Narratives

Project description

How can a deeper understanding of individuals in the security labor force shape the future of security work? There are myriad examples of how, in general, descriptions of security labour in the media tend to villainize or heroize the workers, criticising them as lazy and uneducated, or, celebrating them as patriotic and brave. This NIAS Theme Group will bring their own deeply informed practices and varied viewpoints regarding the global security enterprise to our collaborative investigation. 

As member of the theme group, Erella Grassiani will explore how security narratives are (re)constructed within the Israeli security industry through its marketing, the organisation of security fairs and other events it plans for potential customers. She will especially look at the role of the people working in this industry in the construction of these narratives.

Selected publications

Weiss, Nerina, Erella Grassiani, and Linda Green, eds. The Entanglements of Ethnographic Fieldwork in a Violent World. Taylor & Francis, 2023.

Grassiani, Erella. “Performing politics at the Israeli security fair.” Policing and Society (2022): 1-17.

Diphoorn, Tessa, and Erella Grassiani, eds. Security blurs: The politics of plural security provision. Routledge, 2018.