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Laura Dupin

Laura Dupin

NIAS-Lorentz Team Group Fellow

Project title

The Spatial Segregation of Neighborhood Organizations and Entrepreneurs: Connecting Urban Inequality to the Built Environment

Project description

Local organizations and entrepreneurs play a crucial role in urban neighborhoods, connecting and empowering residents by providing resources and access to various aspects of urban life. Integrating the built environment into our understanding of organizations/entrepreneurs in the geo-social landscape is an underexplored area, despite its potential to directly influence social connectivity.

Through an integrated interdisciplinary approach, the NIAS-Lorenz theme group aims to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying the relationship between the built environment, social processes, and neighborhood organizations/entrepreneurs. Amsterdam provides the ideal setting for this research, considering its demographic context and data availability.

As a member of the group, Laura Dupin will explore the relationship between neighborhood organizations/entrepreneurs, the social environment and the built environment. Untangling this complex relationship and identifying causal effects is essential, particularly as businesses and cities reassess their involvement with the built environment due to sustainability concerns and social inequality.

Selected publications

Dupin, L., & Wezel, F.C. (2023). Artisanal or Just Half-Baked: Competing collective identities and location choice among French bakeries. Administrative Science Quarterly, forthcoming.

Dupin, L., Wang, T., & Wezel, F. C. (2022). Designing and Aligning Interprofessional Relations: Third-party ties and partnership formation in the silk industry of 18th-century Lyon. Organization Studies, 43(12), 1891-1914.