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Dmytro Fedchyshyn

Dmytro Fedchyshyn

Safe Haven Fellow

Project title

Food security, organic production and their impact on right to health in Ukraine and the EU in the context of Russian invasion

Project description

Food security is a pressing global issue in the modern world economy, with direct implications for the health of nations. It is essential to develop an effective model of food security in Ukraine, aiming to establish a competitive food complex capable of producing high-quality products to meet the population’s needs, ensuring adequate food security and promoting the right to health. Organic agriculture, as an alternative technology, plays a significant role in food and environmental security. However, the organic sector in Ukraine requires improvement.

With this project Dmytro Fedchyshyn aims to address food security challenges and the impact of the Russian invasion on organic production in Ukraine and the EU. The project will focus on issues such as the lack of proper regulations, inadequate state control, low producer awareness, and the need for a balanced organic policy.

Selected publications

Fedchyshyn D. Theoretical bases of formation and development of agricultural organic production in Ukraine in modern economic conditions. Economics of Agriculture. 2020; 67(3): 939-953.

Fedchyshyn D., Ignatenko I., Bondar O. Legal provision of food security and rational land use in organic production in Ukraine in the context of European integration. Baltija Publishing.  2022; 250.

Fedchyshyn D., Ignatenko I., Danilik D., Chyryk A. Development of the organic production in Ukraine: problems and perspectives. Revista de Ciências Agroveterinárias. 2022; 21(3): 324-338.