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Ed Schwarzschild

Ed Schwarzschild

NIAS Theme Group fellow

Project title

Stories of Security at Work

Project description

How can a deeper understanding of individuals in the security labor force shape the future of security work? There are myriad examples of how, in general, descriptions of security labour in the media tend to villainize or heroize the workers, criticising them as lazy and uneducated, or, celebrating them as patriotic and brave. This NIAS Theme Group will bring their own deeply informed practices and varied viewpoints regarding the global security enterprise to our collaborative investigation. 

As coordinator of the theme group, Ed Schwarzschild aims to begin to reveal and organise the stories government-related security labourers around the world tell themselves and others about their working lives. Creating, organising and writing about an archive of these first-person narratives will lead to insights that can help illuminate and analyse this growing sector of our society.

Selected publications

Schwarzschild, E. In Security: A Novel. SUNY Press, Excelsior Editions, 2020.

Schwarzschild, E. My (short) Life as an Airport Security Guard. The Guardian. 29 June 2017; 29-31.

Schwarzschild, E. Responsible Men: A Novel. Algonquin Books, 2005.