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Greg Burris

Greg Burris

Nias Individual Fellow

Project title

Nordic Palestine: Transnational Circuits of Conflict and Culture.

Project description

The Nordic states’ involvement in the Middle East is commonly known through official channels, such as diplomacy, negotiations, and agreements like the Oslo Accords. However, the impact of Nordic filmmakers, artists, and cultural workers on Palestinian issues has not received enough scholarly attention.

Burris aims to critically interrogate the cinematic connections between Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Palestine and explore the various social, political, and cultural implications of these connections.

Selected publications

Greg Burris, “Dreams/Cinema/Palestine: Unoccupied Spaces in The Dream and My Love Awaits Me by the Sea,” ARTMargins 11.1-2 (2022), pp. 152-70.

Greg Burris, “From Beirut to Iceland: Strife, Cinema, and Getting Unstuck,” Current Affairs (May 7, 2021), available at https://www.currentaffairs.org/2021/05/from-beirut-to-iceland-strife-cinema-and-getting-unstuck

Greg Burris, The Palestinian Idea: Film, Media, and the Radical Imagination (Philadelphia: Temple University, 2019).