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Stefanie Reher

Stefanie Reher

NIAS Theme Group fellow

Project title

Public attitudes towards disabled politicians

Project description

How has European politics undergone transformation, particularly in relation to elections, political parties, and representation? Given the fundamental challenges faced by European democracies, such as climate change, immigration, and digitalization, it is crucial to seek solutions to these issues. This NIAS Theme Group focuses on exploring the dynamics of progressive politics within European democracies. 

As a member of the theme group, Stefanie Reher investigates public attitudes towards disabled election candidates, particularly focusing on how candidates communicate their disabilities and how voters’ own experiences and relationships with disability and ableism influence their attitudes. Around 20% of our societies are disabled individuals. However, disabled people are underrepresented in politics, which may impact the representation of their interests in public policy and perpetuate their marginalisation.

Selected publications

Rasmussen, Anne, and Stefanie Reher (2023). “(Inequality in) Interest Group Involvement and the Legitimacy of Policy-Making.” British Journal of Political Science 53: 45–64 .

Reher, Stefanie (2022). “Do Disabled Candidates Represent Disabled Citizens?” British Journal of Political Science 52(2): 520–534.

Reher, Stefanie (2020). “Mind This Gap, Too: Political Orientations of People with Disabilities in Europe.” Political Behavior 42: 791-818.