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NIAS Newsletter 41 - Fall 2008

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Exciting Developments: New Special Fellowships (1/2)

The 2008/2009 research year marked the start of several new special fellowships: the Henry G. Schermers Fellowship, the Translater-in-Residence Fellowship, the Spinoza Fellowship and the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship. The following two editions of the NIAS Newsletter will therefore contain either an article by or an interview with the first recipients of these Fellowships. This Newsletter features an article by  Ronald Janse, first Henry G. Schermers Fellow, and an interview with Karol Lesman, first Translater-in-Residence. An interview with Richard Goldstone, first Spinoza Fellow, and an article by Jan van Leeuwen, first Distinguished Lorentz Fellow, can be found in the next edition of this Newsletter: NIAS Newsletter 42 – Spring 2009.

During the 2008/2009 research year, NIAS welcomed its first Henry G. Schermers Fellow, Ronald Janse.  This Fellowship aims to promote research in the field of national law in an international context and is named after legal scholar Henry G. Schermers (1928-2006), who was instrumental in the recognition of international law within legal systems. Each year one Dutch and one non-Dutch scholar will receive this Fellowship. In this Newsletter, Ronald Janse talks about the universal enthusiasm for the rule of law.

Furthermore,  during the 2008/2009 period, NIAS also hosted the first Translator-in-Residence Fellow, Karol Lesman. This new Fellowship is meant for translators who’s work will benefit from the intellectual climate of NIAS. Johan Kwantes, editor of the NIAS Newsletter, interviewed Karol Lesman about the new Fellowship and being a translator.

This Newsletter also contains some interviews with and articles by some of the other Fellows of the 2008/2009 year group. Johan Kwantes interviewed Lisa Jardine, KB Fellow, about her research into the role of Sir Constantijn Huygens on the European stage. Frans Hüsken tells something about his research into the local history of Javanese communism. Martijn Berger, Mineke Schipper, Hans van Ditmarsch and Piet Verschuren,  elaborate on scientific measurements and how to assess an academic’s scientific impact amid an ocean of knowledge using the h- and g-index.



  • Rector’s Note (pg. 3)
  • New fellowships (pg. 4)
  • ERC Advanced Grants Awarded to six Former NIAS Fellows (pg. 5)
  • Former fellow Sternhell attacked (pg. 6)
  • “Everything I do is directed towards making the world a better place”: interview with Lisa Jardine (pg. 7) – Johan Kwantes
  • Exploring the world outside its natural habitat (pg. 10) – Ronald Janse
  • Bridging languages: interview with Karol Lesman (pg. 14) – Johan Kwantes
  • Colonial Comrades: Indonesian and Dutch Communists in the 1920s (pg. 18) – Frans Hüsken
  • An Ocean of Knowledge (pg. 21) – Martijn Berger, Mineke Schipper, Hans van Ditmarsch and Piet Verschuren
  • Research group 2008/09 (pg. 25)
  • NIAS Books March – September 2008 (pg. 54)
  • NFA Day, 13 June 2008 (pg. 56)
  • NFA Minutes (pg. 58)
  • Personal News (pg. 60)
  • Workships and Conferences (pg. 63)
  • NIAS-Lorentz workshops (pg. 64)
  • NIAS Seminars and Lectures (pg.64)


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