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NIAS Newsletter 42 - Spring 2009

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Exciting Developments: New Special Fellowships (2/2)

The 2008/2009 research year marked the start of several new special fellowships: the Henry G. Schermers Fellowship, the Translater-in-Residence Fellowship, the Spinoza Fellowship and the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship. The following two editions of the NIAS Newsletter will therefore contain either an article by or an interview with the first recipients of these Fellowships. This Newsletter features an interview with Richard Goldstone, first Spinoza Fellow, and an article by Jan van Leeuwen, first Distinguished Lorentz Fellow. An article by  Ronald Janse, first Henry G. Schermers Fellow, and an interview with Karol Lesman, first Translater-in-Residence, can be found in the previous edition of this Newsletter: NIAS Newsletter 41 – Fall 2008.

The Spinoza Fellowship supports scientific innovation in the field of international law and was received by Richard Goldstone, former chief prosecutor in the Yugoslavia and Rwanda tribunals. Johan Kwantes, editor of this Newsletter, interviewed him on his time at NIAS, on his project “A Convention against Crimes against Humanity”, and on his experience as judge in the aftermath of several major conflicts.

The Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship is a new award that honours scientists who bridge the divide between the sciences and the humanities and was received by Jan van Leeuwen, Professor of Computer Science at Utrecht University. He received the award for his contributions to the foundations of informatics and he will use his time at NIAS to develop the elements of a philosophy of informatics. He talks about this topic in his article for this Newsletter. 

This Newsletter also features Ali Çarkoğlu who assessed the link between happiness and religiosity, and happiness in Turkey. His article for this Newsletter focuses on the choices Turkish women make in wearing head covers. Lidwien Kapteijns writes about here research on the role Somali Popular Culture plays in national and sectarian identity.



  • Rector’s Note (pg. 3) – Wim Blockmans
  • Special Fellowships (pg. 4)
  • Special NIAS Programmes (pg. 6)
  • Financial Report of the NFA over 2008 (pg. 7) – Jan Lucassen
  • Programme NFA-Day (pg. 8)
  • “I never compromise with principles”: an interview with Richard Goldstone (pg. 9) – Johan Kwantes
  • Religiosity, Women’s Head Cover Choices and Happiness (pg. 13) – Ali Çarkoğlu
  • Somali Poetry as Mediation of Civil War Violence (pg. 18) – Lidwien Kapteijns
  • Towards a Philosophy of Information and Computing Sciences (pg. 22) – Jan van Leeuwen
  • Research group 2009/10 (pg. 26)
  • ‘NIAS Books’ (pg. 28)
  • Personal News (pg. 30)
  • New member of the NIAS Fellows Association 2008 (pg. 33)
  • Workshops and Conferences (pg. 34)
  • NIAS-Lorentz workshops (pg. 35)
  • NIAS Seminars and Special Lecturers (pg. 36)


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NIAS Newsletter 42 – Spring 2009