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Berger, M.P.F.

Berger, M.P.F.

Martijn Berger, born in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, in 1946. Ph.D. from Tilburg University. Professor of Methodology and Statistics at Maastricht University.

Fellow (1 September 2007 – 30 June 2008)


I made substantial progress on the project “Optimal designs for social, behavioural and biomedical research”. During my stay at NIAS I have finished writing eight chapters of the book that is planned to be published in 2009 together with my co-author prof. W.K. Wong from UCLA. My activities can be divided into research and reading of research papers on the specific topics of the chapters, on writing and rewriting the text of these chapters and on discussing the topics with colleagues who are experts on these topics. My goal was to write an easy accessible textbook for social and biomedical scientists that may help them to design their empirical studies more efficiently. The book will probably be published in the first months of 2009.