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VNC Atelier by Leemans, Verschaffel and Johannes

On Thursday 25 November 2010, VNC* Fellows Inger Leemans and Tom Verschaffel together with Gert Jan Johannes, NIAS Fellow 2010/11, will host an Atelier called “Politieke Literatuur, Literaire Politiek” [Political Literature, Literary Politics] at NIAS, as part of the Huizinga Institute Atelier series.

Politieke Literatuur, Literaire Politiek” will analyse early modern sources to find out the relationship between politics and culture and, more specifically, the political and literary repertoires in the Northern and Southern Netherlands in the second half of the 18th century.

The Atelier is part of Leemans, Verschaffel and Johannes’ project that contributes to the Taalunie [Dutch Language Union] which studies the history of 18th century Dutch literature.

The Atelier will be held in Dutch. For more information, click here.


*VNC: The Flemish-Dutch Committee for Dutch Language and Culture