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Frances de Man Receives Prestigious Award for her Research on Pulmonary Hypertension

Frances Handoko-de Man, currently at NIAS as the L'Oreal-UNESCO For-Women-in-Science Fellow, has received this year's  Pulmonary Hypertension Research Award, which is awarded by the European Respiratory Society. The award consists of 40.000 Euro.

Frances Handoko-de Man is Assistant Professor at VU University Medical Centre. She studies pulmonary hypertension, a chronic lung disease with a poor prognosis. Although the origin of the disease is located in the lungs, the majority of patients die of right heart failure. Handoko – de Man studies the genetic variations that might determine how well the right heart adapts to the disease.

The Pulmonary Hypertension Research Award was awarded to Frances Handoko-de Man at the annual European Respiratory Society Congres, attended by more than 23.000 doctors and researchers of pulmonary medicine.