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NIAS Newsletter 47 - Spring 2013

From the Archives

The Role of Place

This NIAS Newsletter centers around the role of place. After 36 years at NIAS, Jos Hooghuis is retiring and in this Newsletter he talks about “places of memory” that are important to him and for NIAS.

The role of place as “an important part of our individual, emotional and social eco-systems” is also the subject of academic papers by NIAS Fellows in this Newsletter. Rosemary Wakeman introduces her project on New Towns and the notion of Utopia that they represented. She also presented this fascinating topic at the 2013 EURIAS meeting, which took place in Uppsala in April. Karen Till writes about her own Urban Studies project, stressing the importance of “sustaining healthy urban eco-systems, maze-ways and societal shells”. Maria Koinova tells about her research on the transnational mobilization of Diasporas originating from former Yugoslavia.



  • Word from the Rector (pg. 3) – Aafke Hulk
  • NIAS News (pg. 5)
  • Practicing Utopia (pg. 10) – Rosemary Wakeman
  • Learning to Think the City Differently (pg. 14) – Karen Till
  • Diasporas in Context (pg. 19) – Maria Koinova
  • NIAS: A Place of Memory (pg. 23)
  • Debating Open Access (pg. 29)
  • The Research Group 2013/14 (pg. 31)
  • Appointments and Awards (pg. 34)
  • Books Written at NIAS (pg. 37)


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