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Practical Matters

Looking Back on an Alumni Stay

Former fellows Susanne M. Klausen and Sebnem Yardimci-Geyikci returned to NIAS in the Summer of 2021 as part of the Alumni Stay Programme, to pick up their research and their friendship.

“In 2019-2020 we were Fellows at NIAS where we found our experience to be highly productive for our respective research projects. In our case, in addition to becoming colleagues, during our first stay at NIAS we became friends. Therefore, when in 2019 we learned of the NIAS Alumni Stay program we had a WhattsApp chat and decided to apply for a three week stay at the same time so that we could return to NIAS’s supportive environment for scholarship while at the same time pick up our friendship where we left off in 2020. Fortunately, our applications were approved so we returned to NIAS for three weeks in August 2021.

While there we found that, indeed, returning to NIAS was returning to a haven for scholarship. Once again while conducting our research, we also explored the wonderful city of Amsterdam together, met daily in the NIAS lunchroom, and often convened at the end of the day for a glass of wine. We both intend to apply for another Alumni Stay in 2022 and, if the stars align once again in our favour, we look forward to a repeat of this summer’s wonderful experience.”

Susanne Klausen and Sebnem Yardimci-Geyikci

Klausen and Yardimci at NIAS