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Discipline: Political Science

Mathias Thaler

Emir Suljagić

Conny Roggeband

Macarena Ares

Stefanie Reher

Matthijs Rooduijn

Markus Wagner

Tarik Abou-Chadi

Floris Vermeulen

Meredith Loken

Maria Koinova

Mykola Riabchuk

Salvador Santino Jr. Fulo Regilme

Johan Olsthoorn

Barbara Arneil

Els de Graauw

Dimitris Soudias

Lobo-Guerrero, Luis

How did the Hispanic imperial experience of the sixteenth century shape a Western modern spatial imaginary?

Bader, Julia

What are the extent and effects of China’s presence in science and education in the Netherlands and Europe?

Sarah de Lange

How do populist parties, and their non-populist competitors, construct the people by presenting their knowledge, norms and values, and practices and traditions as common, familiar, or normal?