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Discipline: Political Science

Mykola Riabchuk

Salvador Santino Jr. Fulo Regilme

Johan Olsthoorn

Barbara Arneil

Els de Graauw

Dimitris Soudias

Lobo-Guerrero, Luis

How did the Hispanic imperial experience of the sixteenth century shape a Western modern spatial imaginary?

Bader, Julia

What are the extent and effects of China’s presence in science and education in the Netherlands and Europe?

Sarah de Lange

How do populist parties, and their non-populist competitors, construct the people by presenting their knowledge, norms and values, and practices and traditions as common, familiar, or normal?

Rao, Rahul

Why have statues become terrains for the assertion and contestation of racial and caste supremacy? How do affective investments transform statues into sites of pride, injury and reparation?

Slegers, Saar

What is the impact of international sanctions against Iran on organisations in the Netherlands? What dilemmas do companies, universities and citizens face when geopolitics gets personal?

Kuhn, Theresa

The increasing complexity and heterogeneity of contemporary societies represent a major challenge to European welfare states. Their boundaries of social rights, political participation and ethnic...

Biezen, Ingrid van

What is the impact of court decisions on the behaviour and organization of political parties? To what extent have the courts been politicized? How does the background of judges influence their de...

Verhoeven, Imrat

How does the politics of contentious governance work?

Valenta, Markha

The core question of the proposed project is: how does (and how might) Amsterdam give shape to the citizenship of the non-citizen? In order to examine this, the project will combine theories of p...

Willmetts, Simon

How has the Central Intelligence Agency shaped American cultural and political ideas, and in turn, how have those ideas shaped the work of American intelligence?

Ahmadov, Anar

Female disempowerment is a critical and urgent challenge for many Muslim countries. It undermines their prosperity, their interaction with European societies, and the global achievement of Sustai...

Bjarnegård, Elin

Why do authoritarian states carry out gender equality reforms?

Mofidi, Sabah

The relationship between religion and politics has always been one of the most controversial social issues throughout modern history. Despite the separation of state and church in many countries,...

Bertossi, Christophe

To what extent disputes that take place at the workplace in various settings do impact the social perceptions about immigrants and minority group members in a society?