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Discipline: History

Kenneth Reynold Mills

Megan Williams

Justin Dolan Stover

Robert Stein

Abosede A. George

Kate Brown

Marjoleine Kars

Schmidli, William Michael

Why did democracy promotion emerge as the centerpiece of the U.S. human rights policy during the 1980s? What was the relationship between human rights and U.S. political and economic intervention...

Dilli, Selin

How did female entrepreneurship evolve in the twentieth century Netherlands and which factors can explain this change over time?

Schilling, Britta

‘Safari style’, ‘colonial style’, ‘Swahili chic’: the contemporary home furnishings industry abounds with references to the colonial past. But what was life in the colonial home reall...

Verburgt, Lukas M.

How does the new geological epoch of the Anthropocene transform our answers to the questions ‘What can we know?’, ‘What should we know?’ and ‘What knowledge should w...

Van Steensel, Arie

To what extent and how did occupational guilds, religious confraternities and neighbourhood associations contribute differentially to the formation of urban communities in late medieval Europe?

Dursteler, Eric

What insights can gender, and in particular the experiences of women, bring to our understanding of the multilingual linguistic landscape of the early modern Mediterranean?

De Schaepdrijver, Sophie

In the First World War, much of Europe was occupied by enemy powers. This created colonized spaces inside Europe, that were marginal to the war because they were neither fronts nor home fronts. M...

Sharma, Avi

Seeking refuge – from conflict, persecution, natural or anthropogenic disaster – means being vulnerable in new ways.  Whether close to or far from homes evacuated, the environment is experie...

Kivimäki, Ville

I study how the experiences of war-related violence became embedded as bodily traces, experience communities, and knowledge patterns in the society during and after World War II. The project aims...

Manickam, Sandra Khor

Interactions between the older idea of race and biomedical research have been studied in the United States and Europe, highlighting the use of race to improve human health as well as the dangers ...

Damen, Mario

How did the interaction between prince, nobles and urban elites influence the construction, perception, and representation of a territory in the later Middle Ages? That is the main research quest...

House, Jim

This project’s intersecting research questions cover: internal migration and the colonial authorities’ response to urban growth in Algiers and Casablanca; everyday life in the shantytowns; gr...

Lavéant, Katell

What was the social role of joyful culture and its manifestations such as Carnival parades in sixteenth-century France? What cultural impact did the objects produced for such festivities have at ...