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Roman Nekoliak 1

Roman Nekoliak

Safe Haven fellow

Project title

Bridging the Gap: Examining NGO Contributions to Justice in Ukraine

Research question

To what extent do NGOs’ documenting war crimes and exposing human rights violations straighten accountability and justice for Conflict-Related Crimes in Ukraine?

Project description

Since 2014 and more visibly 2022, Ukraine’s civil society organizations have joined national resistance and defense efforts, expanding on their traditional advocacy and watchdog roles by gathering records of war crimes after Russia’s latest invasion. There are various initiatives documenting Russian war crimes in Ukraine in pursuit of accountability and justice, adherence to the rule of law, establishment of the truth, preservation of historical memory, and future transitional justice. Two Ukrainian CSO communities are documenting Russian war crimes in Ukraine: T4P, led jointly by the Center for Civil Liberties, KhPG and UHHRU, and Coalition 5 AM, led by ZMINA.

Using his practical experience Roman Nekoliak will try to answer the question to what extent documenting conflict-related crimes in Ukraine and advocating for accountability in such cases produces results that comply with international law standards. He aims to explore the process and challenges of CSOs monitoring and exposing human rights violations through OSINT/field documentation efforts and how it affects accountability and justice in Ukraine.

Selected publications