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Katariina Kujapelto

Katariina Kujapelto

Research Trainee

About Katariina Kujapelto

Katariina works as a research trainee at NIAS. She works under the supervision of Jan Willem Duyvendak and Bernike Pasveer, and she is involved in the planning and organizing of the upcoming NIAS conference on Belonging and Mobility.

Katariina is a second-year Social Sciences Research Master’s student at the University of Amsterdam and has previously obtained a BSc in Sociology with a minor in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam.

Within her studies, Katariina specializes in the hierarchies of belonging, the sociopolitical realities of migration, and the role of emotion and feeling in the migration discourse.

In her free time, Katariina enjoys exploring the various museums, art exhibitions, and pop-up restaurants in Amsterdam and elsewhere, playing the flute, as well as visiting her home country – Finland – and other destinations abroad.