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Dindy van Maanen 2

Dindy van Maanen

Partnership & Selection Officer

Dindy works as a Partnership & Selection officer at NIAS. She maintains contacts with the 14 partners of NIAS with whom she jointly organizes the supported fellowships for scholars working in specific disciplines or research areas. A selection of about 20 fellows per academic year is drawn from these collaborations.

In her youth, the love for literature was instilled in her at an early age. The family-run Antiquarian Bookshop provided her with all the books she could wish for. After studying Library and Documentary Information in Amsterdam, she completely found her place at Bookshop Kooyker in Leiden, where she worked for about 10 years.

Her time at NIAS started in 2007 in the leafy dunes of Wassenaar, where she, together with good friend and former fellow student Erwin, provided the fellows with all the necessary literature. Since NIAS’s move to Amsterdam in 2016, she has left the NIAS library for her current position.

To be immersed every year in a new group of interesting fellows and their various research projects ánd personal stories remains a great joy, even after more than 15 years! Occasionally she provides afternoon tea in a small social gathering in the pantry in the attic, with special teas and some home baked cakes.

In her spare time she especially enjoys beautiful bike rides, combined with some fieldwork at tea rooms and -gardens. Are you interested in the enormous cycling network that the Netherlands has to offer? Let her know!