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Aidan McGarry, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

At NIAS, Prof. McGarry will work to wrap up the final details of the publication of his forthcoming work 'Political Voice'.

Aidan McGarry is Professor of International Politics and Associate Dean for Research at Loughborough University, London. He has taught courses on nationalism, international relations theory and social movements. At Loughborough University, London, he teaches courses on ‘Media, Social Movements and Politics’ and ‘Diplomacy in the Digital Age’. His research focuses on the political voice of minority and marginalised communities, particularly Roma across Central and Eastern Europe but also LGBTIQ communities.

‘Political Voice’ advances an important argument, namely, that some sections of society are routinely ignored or actively excluded from mainstream politics. In order to be rendered visible and present in public life, agency must come from those who are considered marginalized to speak up and speak out, often through protest. As marginalized groups articulate their collective voice through protest, they simultaneously lay claim to belonging to the demos, challenge the status quo, and paradoxically, constitute democracy, an institution which frequently excludes them. 

The book taps into a key debate in the zeitgeist: issues of voice and ‘speaking up’ are incredibly prevalent today in the context of rising populism as well as debates on freedom of speech, ‘cancel culture’, and democratic expression. Political Voice is focused on the agency of marginalized people by uncovering rich empirical research in India and Europe with a lively discussion on two of the most vulnerable and excluded groups in the world. 

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