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McGarry, Aidan 2

McGarry, Aidan

EURIAS Junior Fellow

The Aesthetics of Protest: Visual Culture, Performance and Social Media

How do protest movements allow marginalized communities to articulate a political voice? My book will examine how political voice renders marginalized communities visible and the impact of this voice on the contemporary democratic polity.

Project Description

My project focuses on how marginalized or excluded people find a political voice. It explores how protest movements use visual culture, art/aesthetics, and performance in material and digital spaces to articulate a political voice. It draws on research conducted on the Gezi Park protests in Turkey as well as with Roma communities in Europe and LGBTIQ people. This book project will advance our knowledge of contemporary protest movements by developing an understanding of protest aesthetics and their potential in creative consciousness-raising, identity formation and in the articulation of political voice.

Selected Publications

Romaphobia: The Last Acceptable Form of Racism (Zed: London, 2017)

The Identity Dilemma: Collective Identity and Social Movements. Edited with James Jasper (Temple University Press: Philadelphia, 2015)

Protest, Pride and Prejudice: Public Space, Visibility and Marginalization in Post-Socialist Europe, Communist and Post-Communist Studies 49: 269-277.


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